Hot Flashes vs. Old Age

What’s going to be the first source of conflict between a 53-year-old menopausal woman and her 87-year-old mom? The temperature in the house, of course.

If I had my way, I’d keep the temperature a brisk 65 degrees to accommodate my hot flashes. But I had to compromise on that front with my husband, who felt I was trying to freeze him out of the house. We agreed to keep the thermostat set at 68 in the winter, 72 in the summer.

That was too cold for mom, who prefers the house at 78 degrees or higher to accommodate her aging bones. And it doesn’t help that she’s not used to central air conditioning. She comes from the north, where her home was cooled by two window air conditioners. In fact, she often failed to turn on the air and just used the fans. (Don’t ask). That’s not an option in North Carolina, where the heat index was a whopping 107 degrees yesterday.

So here’s how we’re handling it. I pulled mom’s winter clothes and flannel pajamas out of storage, and got her a nice furry blanket. And I’m shedding some of my clothes at night. Enough said.


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