Depression Era vs. Baby Boomer

In many ways, I wish I could be more like my mom. She’s such a spendthrift. And I am not. Especially when it comes to food and wine. I feel like I should spend good money on the things that go into my body. Whole Foods takes a hefty chunk of my salary every week.

Before mom moved in, she was eating … frozen dinners. (Can you hear me gagging?) She assured me they were fine because she only got the Lean Cuisines or others that were low in sodium.

Now she goes to Whole Foods with me and she says about 20 times, “That’s so expensive.” Last night we went to dinner at buku in downtown Raleigh, which is all about locally grown food. She gasped at the prices, which in my non-spendthrift mind were quite reasonable.

So this is where humor comes in. I said with a huge smile, “Mom, we could leave you at home and bring you back a McDonald’s hamburger.”

She looked at me with her dark, dark brown eyes, appearing to be a bit shocked by my pronouncement. Then she shot back, “No way. No more frozen dinners for me or fast food.” She ordered the short ribs and smiled.


One response to “Depression Era vs. Baby Boomer

  1. I’m like you Mary Ann, I spend too much money on food but I also want to eat good quality, healthy food. I think the prices at Buku are pretty reasonable!!
    Loved see you and your mom and JACK!!! Oh, your husband too!

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