Senior Citizen Day at Harris Teeter

My Mom always liked to have a routine. But it became more important as she got older. It helps to keep her focused and lets her know what to expect. Back home, there was Laundry Day, Grocery Day, Cleaning Day, Ironing Day, Dinner Out Day.

Well, we’ve tried to keep some of those routines. Except we moved Dinner Out to Fridays from her Sundays, which are always Dinner In Nights for us. And we don’t have Ironing Day. In fact, we don’t own an iron.

But Thursdays are the day she looks forward to … that’s Grocery Shopping Day. She and my husband go to the local Harris Teeter where they both coupon shop and look for the best bargains. When my mom lived in RI, she would actually call my husband and tell him how much she saved that week. He would do the same. It was a contest.

It was by happenstance that Jim took mom to the market on a Thursday. We needed groceries and my mom did, too. When they got home, both of them gave each other a high-five. As it turns out, Thursday is Senior Citizen Day at the Teeter. Seniors get an additional five percent off.

Today is Thursday and mom has mentioned at least a half dozen times that today is the day she goes shopping with Jim. A new tradition is born.


One response to “Senior Citizen Day at Harris Teeter

  1. So proud of my brother—coupon shopper! I saved $58 once..that was probably my best day! COUPON SHOP ON Jimbo!

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