Please Don’t Fall!

“Don’t play with that … you’re going to poke your eyes out!” “Don’t climb so high up that tree. You’re going to fall and kill yourself.” “How many times do I have to tell you … don’t jump off the swing. You’re going to break your leg.”

That was my mom talking to me when I was a kid. Now it’s my turn. Every day my mom  walks down our stairs in her stocking feet. Before we knew she was moving in, we removed the tired-looking carpet from the stairs and had the hardwoods refinished. They look great. But I worry about my mom falling. Every day.

I’ve asked her time and time again to either walk in her bare feet or put on her shoes. Her response? “Don’t worry. I’m being very careful. See? I just take one step at a time.”

I showed her an article that said that falling is the most common cause of injury among senior citizens. She looked at me like, “What are you showing me this for?”

So I guess the best thing I can do is say “Good Morning” as she ventures down the stairs every day. And keep my little puppy from running to greet her and nipping at her ankles. I just hope this isn’t an accident waiting to happen. My mom also said that to me when I was a kid.


2 responses to “Please Don’t Fall!

  1. Hi Mom,
    Welcome to N.C.! I adore your daughter and son-in-law. Please act accordingly…hee hee

  2. It’s a legitimate concern.

    How about some non-slip stair treads that *don’t8 look like they came out of a warehouse?

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