The Elusive Medicare Doctor

Even though I’ve searched far and wide, I’ve never found a four-leaf clover, or that pot of gold under the rainbow. But that might be easier to find than a primary care physician who takes Medicare.

I recently had to search for a new doctor for my mom. Through some recommendations, we found a doctor who is located about 25 minutes from our house. During the drive there yesterday, mom complained the entire way about the drive. In fact, she said she wasn’t coming back.

I explained to her that Medicare doctors were few and far between in Wake County, and that she was lucky to be seeing this doctor. But mom has a valid point: it’s not easy for seniors to get to the doctor, never mind one 25 minutes away.

I don’t blame primary care doctors for not wanting to accept Medicare patients. The fees are low so that every time a Medicare patient walks in the door, they lose money. You can’t run a business that way. On the other hand, what good is having Medicare if there are very few doctors to choose from?

After the extensive search, we got lucky. Her new doctor is not only very pretty, but warm, inquisitive and interested. Mom’s verdict upon leaving, “I love her. She’s worth the drive.”


One response to “The Elusive Medicare Doctor

  1. Very good point and it is a crisis that will become even more significant as boomers continue to age. Something is really gonna have to give just to get seniors the basic care they need. Maybe they should do what my pediatricians office did – they charged an annual fee for being a patient.

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