First Time Away

OK, I’m really anxious. My mom moved in this past July. Since then, I’ve actually left her to travel on business. But my husband was home. This weekend, we are leaving her alone overnight for the first time. And for good reason … we are going to my step-daughter’s engagement party.

I’m excited about that. But I’m dreading leaving her. I’m anxious about what she’s going to eat. Whether she’ll remember to take her meds. Who she will talk to for two days. I’m also going out of town on business two days before, so that’s making me guilty.

Here’s what I don’t get. My mom lived to be 87 without my help. And obviously she’s done fine. What’s up with this? Am I being overly concerned?

I think a great idea for a business would be a “mommy-sitting” service. Someone you can trust who can just come over and check on mom, maybe take her out for lunch or a little walk. Years ago, I had a dog-sitting service that I actually paid good money for. They’d come and walk the dog, play with her, pet her. You know, give love. Sometimes I think we treat our pets better than our seniors. I don’t mean that about me … just a comment on society.


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