Selling Ice to Eskimos

Mom can’t resist a good advertising pitch. I’ll bet your aging parents can’t either. Which is why we have all these companies pitching products on TV that really don’t work. But vulnerable people think they do.

Let’s start with the $36 worth of hair treatment products that promise you’ll have smoother, fuller hair after a single treatment. Or the pills that get rid of belly fat. How about the world’s most comfortable bras? Yup, she’s ordered all of them.

That doesn’t count the amount of money she has given to charities over the years. Not that that’s a bad thing. I probably got my giving nature from my mom’s generous spirit. But half the charities are dubious. I’m trying to be nice here but the bottom line they exist to scam senior citizens.

With disbelief, I asked mom why she ordered the belly fat pills. Her simple answer: “Because I have belly fat and they said on TV that this works.” I told mom that if they actually worked, we’d all be taking them in lieu of exercise and healthy eating. Bring out the beer and Doritos and a belly fat pill. I’d be set for life.

I’ve asked mom to talk to me before she orders anything like this again … just to check to see if it’s legitimate. You might want to check in on your aging parents to see if they are also the victims of their own trusting nature.

And those bras … mom’s check was cashed a month ago but no product has arrived. She’s anxious about her order so I told her I’d check it out. You can’t call the company directly … I tried and the voice mail said today they were “closed for Thanksgiving.” Huh? So I sent them a second email asking for an update on when her order might be delivered. I’m not holding my breath.


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