Some Help For Caregivers

Sometimes it’s eerie when your professional and personal lives intersect. As a Raleigh City Council member, I was asked to attend a ribbon cutting for a new business, Guiding Lights. As it turns out, Guiding Lights is a Caregiver Support Center — the brainchild of Nicole Bruno, the executive director of this non-profit.

Since mom moved in, I’ve often wondered where I could go to get help with caregiving questions. I’m looking for an exercise class my mom can attend or some clubs she can join to stimulate her mind and social life. And there’s really no place to turn.

Nicole is trying to change that with this new organization. They have a social worker to provide one-on-one assistance and support to family cargivers. They have a family match program, support groups, eldercare specialists, resource specialists, and a lending library. There’s also educational programs for those dealing with dementia.

I just thought I’d spread the word for those who need assistance in the Research Triangle Park area. The organization’s website is The group’s literature says they are the “missing piece.” Let’s hope they can help.

One response to “Some Help For Caregivers

  1. Hi! Give me a ring, I have a referral for you that I think will help ‘mom’ and help her stay strong. Have a great week!

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