“The Best Time of My Life”

So I had a really hard decision to make. We were invited to the Outer Banks to our friend’s house. And the big question for me was: Is mom invited?

The answer: She is welcome. If you need a break, she’s not. You decide.

Tough decision. Yes, I needed a break. But I also know the beauty of the Outer Banks. And I know my mom loves lighthouses. And the Outer Banks features the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse. And I also knew she’d love to be included.

So we head to the beach with mom. It’s a four-hour drive. We got off to a late start … intentionally … because the road was washed out. That means some anxiety about the ride and that we’d end up eating dinner at 9. Could she hang? Was this a mistake?

Mom did great. She hung with us, eating until 11. Well, actually, it was midnight when everything was cleaned up and we headed to bed.

I got my “alone” time by walking miles on the beach with friends, husband and puppy. Going in the hot tub. Reading a bit in my room with no TV. Cool. Then I had the pleasure of taking mom to the Hatteras lighthouse, all of us going to lunch. We had a great dinner, then brunch the next day.

Driving home, it was fun to hear her marvel at the views. She could see the ocean splashing over the dunes, marvel at the expanse of the Oregon Inlet, enjoy the serenity of the Sound. As we made our way home, we saw one of the most explosive sunsets ever with majestic colors of pink and orange and yellow.

My husband asked mom if she enjoyed the weekend. She said, “This was one of the best times of my life. I can’t believe how beautiful everything was.”

And then I thought, “I guess that wasn’t such a difficult decision after all.”


2 responses to ““The Best Time of My Life”

  1. Special memories.

  2. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for posting the link to my blog 🙂

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