Christmas Surprises

When mom woke up on Christmas morning, it reminded me of the days when my daughter was little and believed in Santa. She would come to my room and wake me up to see what Santa had brought. Well, mom didn’t come to my room but she did yell for me to get downstairs so she could open her presents … NOW.

I didn’t get a good night’s sleep due to an eye infection. So I was feeling pretty droopy. But I managed to make my way down the stairs and grab a cup of coffee. Before I could sit down, she already had her stocking in her lap — a big purple fluffy stocking. She was so excited because purple is her favorite color. (Really, mom? And why do you think Santa bought it for you?) She was pulling the items out just like a little kid would do. It was quite amusing.

My husband and I also bought her a recumbent exercise bike, which we left in the box and wrapped with a big purple bow. (Assembly would come later, but that’s another blog). She was so excited because she rarely got surprises at Christmas. Unfortunately, my dad was the original Grinch. He had a hard time with Christmas and I think it scarred all of us to come degree. But I digress.

So here’s mom with presents, all surprises. We had invitations to brunch and dinner with friends. It was great fun.

But the biggest surprise of all is she’s actually using the bike. She’s riding it three times a day. She started with 10 minutes a session, and now she’s up to 15 minutes each session. Her knees are already feeling better. And with physical accomplishment comes confidence and improved mental health.

I like surprises like that.


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