The Thermostat Wars

So what do you get when you put together an 87-year-old woman and a menopausal baby boomer? A woman who is cold all the time and a woman who suffers from hot flashes.

Can you say theromostat conflict?

When I went to visit my mom in Rhode Island, I could deal with it. But barely. She would have the heat on 76 in the winter. The windows were all thermal and sealed. It was like being in a sauna. But at least I could open the windows in my room when I went to bed and get some relief … which for all of you 45+ women out there is necessary. That when night sweats occur.

OK, so now mom moves in. She wants the heat at 76. I want it at 65. So we compromise. It’s at 72. (Somehow that’s not a compromise. Just say I gave in to be nice). I am miserable. My skin feels dried out. My hot flashes are magnified. Sleep is fitful, even with my ceiling fan on. (Yes, in the dead of winter).  I can’t open my windows because our bedroom is a loft … with trains passing in the night.

So here’s the deal. Next time mom complains, I’m handing her a blanket and telling her to put on a sweater. And when we eventually move (I can only pray), we get dual-zoned heating and cooling systems.

Until then, I will just have to accept that I’m the loser in the thermostat wars. As much as it makes me miserable, I guess it’s just the right thing to do. Ugh.


2 responses to “The Thermostat Wars

  1. LOL… Chris and I did this with my dad. We got him one of those things you practically zip yourself in. Then Chris and I had some fun ourselves. After my second heart attack I was having hot flashes.. “manopause” lol… thank god they passed … but now in the summer I really get hot hot.. go figure when the heat used to not bother me, I hardly ever broke a sweat!

  2. I feel for you!!!! I don’t know what I would do if I had to compromise on the thermostat…my heat stayed off most of the winter…I would hand everyone blankets as they came through the door…hang in there!!!

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