You’re Not the Boss of Me

So last night my mom got mad at me for bossing her around. I know that makes me sounds like an ogre. But here’s the deal.

Before mom moved in, she often sat alone day in and day out, watching TV. She didn’t have a social life, didn’t get any exercise, and she ate frozen dinners. Her lifestyle (or lack thereof) was one of the reasons I wanted her to move in with us. At least if she was close by, I knew she’d be eating right and taking better care of herself.

After months of conversation after she moved in, I finally convinced her to go to Independence Health. This is a physician-owned senior center that focuses on helping seniors live healthy lifestyles. She socials, exercises, learns new things (like Zumba!), and eats a nutritious lunch.

I also convinced her to get massages every other week, and get her hair cut and colored every five weeks. I bought her a recumbent bike for Christmas so she could exercise her legs every day.

Last night’s argument started because I scheduled a massage for her on a Sunday because we couldn’t take her for her usual Wednesday appointment. So she said she wasn’t going to go. I said she was. She said, “You know, I don’t like you bossing me around.”

I went up and hugged her and said, “Mom, I’m a horrible person and a bossy bitch. I make you go for massages, get exercise and spend money on getting your hair done. Instead of being mad at me, you should thank me.”

She started laughing. “Thank you,” she said, quietly. And under her breath she added, “And you’re right. You are a bossy bitch.” I love my mom.



3 responses to “You’re Not the Boss of Me

  1. This is a great story. It can be such a struggle sometimes when we find ourselves balancing the reversal of roles and respecting our parents. Your mom is lucky to have a bossy you-know-what like you! As a side note: schedule a massage for yourself as well!

  2. Awesome story. Very funny and I so can relate! Thanks for sharing your stories and encouraging all of us!

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