Happy 88th Birthday, Mom!

Well, we partied so hard on the weekend of mom’s 88th birthday celebration that I forgot to post about it! OK, well not really. But mom had a big time. We all did. It was fun to see her so happy and know that I was part of it.

When people get older, they measure the happiness factor of their birthdays differently than younger people. I’m usually happy if no one sings Happy Birthday to me in a public place. As you might be able to tell, I’m not a huge BD person. Now my husband and daughter … that’s another story. For both of them we have to celebrate birthday week.

Well, mom has never really been a big birthday person either. Or so I thought. If we sent cards, she was happy. Well, this year she had two birthday dinners (one out at her favorite local Raleigh restaurant, the Player’s Retreat, aka The PR, and the other home cooked by yours truly). She got three bouquets of flowers, 19 cards, 12 phone calls, and eight wishes through my facebook page.

Mom said it was her best birthday EVER. That’s quite a feat, considering it’s her 88th birthday. But what I also realize is she got more attention than ever. Lots of cards, calls, and the most beautiful flowers from some of the most unsuspecting people.

You know, in life they say it’s the little things that matter. Next time remember that. Do something nice, as small as it might seem, for your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, enemy. And make their day. Better yet, don’t wait for their birthday.


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