Betty White Has Nothing on You

One of my neighbors met my mom. They chatted it up, had a few laughs. As my neighbor was walking away, she stopped and said: “Betty White has nothing on you.”  I’m here to tell you, that is the ultimate compliment, the nicest thing you can say to an 88-year-old woman.

At 89, Betty White is at the peak of her long career. She’s outlived all her cohorts on the Golden Girls, she still drives, she’s is an animal lover and volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo, and she stars in “Hot in Cleveland.” As the host of Saturday Night Live last May, she wowed everyone with her wit. A recent article I read about her in the New York Times says she’s going to be hosting a reality show this fall on NBC. Betty White is living testament to the fact that life can be very, very good after 80.

But what I found most endearing about Betty White in this article was her vulnerability. When she talks about losing the love of her life, husband Allen Ludden, you can feel the ache in her heart. She talks about missing that human touch, that intimate contact. See, even Betty White is lonely. And human. And struggles with the same emotional issues as any senior citizen.

Because of this, Betty White is an inspiration. So next time you want to make a woman in her 80s feel great about herself, tell her that “Betty White has nothing on you.” And watch her beam.

(If you’re interested, the article in the NY Times can be found at


2 responses to “Betty White Has Nothing on You

  1. Rhonda Hayes - City of Raleigh/Web Content Manager

    Hi Mary-Ann…just found your blog through a recent twitter post. All of the posts I have read have been fantastic. I really enjoyed them and have forwarded the link to a couple of friends who also find themselves struggling with aging mother issues.

    I am attending the birthday party of a friend’s grandmother tomorrow who just turned 100 years old. I can’t wait to take your advice and tell her that “Betty White has nothing on her!” Which is true, her pic was just posted to fb this week with a large fish she nabbed on a recent fishing trip. She is an awesome lady and so are you and your mom and daughter by what I have read so far. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thank you, Rhonda. I think all of us who have aging parents are dealing with the same issues, which is why I started the blog. And I love your comment and story. Appreciate you reading and responding.


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